Monday, 18 August 2008

Great sporting events

You also know Costa Blanca is not only full of fun and sea spots but has a rich choice of sporting events.

As part of the Valencian Community Eurodipity recommends several events deserving sporting fans attention.

The 10th edition of the Volvo Ocean Race will start from Alicante from 11th October and best worlwide sailors will be engaged.

Televisions from around the world will be set by Formula 1 fans on the European Formula 1 Gran Prix on 24th August.
Valencia is the city of the race.

Valencia will also host other two top sporting events such as the 500 Atp Tennis Tournmanet and the World Indoor Athletics Championship.

Valencian Community is the seat of the world-renowned 32th America's Cup, which was won by Alinghi in 2007.

Another popular event is the Castellon-Costa Azahar Golf Masters. It draws the best golf players in the world and will be held in Borriol.

Saturday, 16 August 2008

Holy mid August holiday

While sun and discos rage on the east coast of Spain, Valencian Community celebrated the legacy of Elx on 14th and 15th August.

This ceremony was prohibited by the Council of Trento in the mid 16th century but in 1632 it was newly honored.

Two main acts are represented, Vespra on 14th August and the Burial of the Virgin on 15th August.
Vespra starts as the Virgin appears and then the cortege leaves the Hermitage of San Sebastian to go to the parish church.
The Burial of the Virgin consists of a procession starting at 10 a.m.

The whole ceremony ends when the coronation and the ascension of the Virgin are represented.

Religion is a very important side of the Valencian and Spanish life, which in this ceremony is well experienced. The legacy of Elx was declared by UNESCO patrimony of humanity in 2001.

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Visit Gandia

After your overnight stay at Villa Venecia or Villa del Mar in Benidorm you can't miss visiting Gandia.
Gandia is another top city in Valencian community between Valencia and Alicante.

Click here for a larger view

It is very close to both mountain and sea but it is not the usual east coast city offering you sun and discos.

Gandia has a reach history and can be considered as portrait of the spanish culture.
The City Hall organizes cultural entertainment events such as literary contests, the Summer University, the International Festival of Classical Music and art exhibitions.

Gandia is also very sport-oriented. A typical sport is the Valencian ball (Pelota Basca) and like the other cities along the coast has a plenty of nautical club.

When arriving in Gandia you have to know how is scheduled an ordinary holiday day...
Don't wake up before 1 or 2 p.m. because people are used to stay up until 7 or 8 in the morning. You can go to a swimming pool or on the beach until 4 or 5 p.m. and then eat something like paella standing for a lunch.
In the late morning come back to the beach for the public relations... and play some beach sport.
Then you can walk around and buy some present in the markets before going to dinner.
Usually here you have dinner at around 10 p.m.!
After dinner relax a little to prepare yourself for a long night...
Go out at around 1,30 - 2 and unleash your feel of fun in a disco or club.
Watch here what you have to expect in a club:

At the end of your night you will have hunger... eat something and go to bed!

Monday, 4 August 2008

Top stay in Benidorm

When you arrive in Benidorm don't be content with the first 3 stars hotel you find in your way...
You can choose a top hotel without spend too much and enjoy the city of your dream.
The group Magic Costa Blanca offers you an outstanding stay in Benidorm in its brand new two hotels.

Magic Costa Blanca is an hotel chain in Costa Blanca sponsoring the Eurodipity Seo Contest to launch its two new hotels, Magic Villa Venecia and Magic Villa del Mar.

Magic Villa Venecia will be a five star hotel in the center of Benidorm and a few steps from the beach.

Click here to a larger view della mappa

A manor house of the early 1900 is the base of the hotel, which will be mainly addressed to relaxing, quiet stays. Here is how the front will look like:

Villa Venecia will hold 27 charming rooms and each of them will be designed in a great modern style.
As you saw from the picture its customers can enjoy a wonderful balcony on the sea, overlooking Benidorm bay.
A coffe room with a panoramic view and a Spa are the pearls of this amazing hotel.

The other luxury choice for you is Villa del Mar.

Magic Costa Blanca is restoring it to make it a top class hotel in front of the western beach -Playa Poniente-.
Several hotel experts from around the world gave their knowledge to enhance this project.
It is no doubt that Villa del Mar will be a first choice hotel and highly desidered establishment in the year to come.

Friday, 1 August 2008

Hidden Costa Blanca

Take a look at the next picture:

Who never could think about it as a landscape in Costa Blanca?
Features you don't expect to see in Costa Blanca are hills and mountains, but this area of Spain is indeed full of natural resources.

Mountains such Aitana and Puig campana make this land high as much as 1.500 meters and the second mountainous region of the spanish peninsula.
Costa Blanca boasts a lot of natural parks such as Font Roja, Serra de Mariola, Serra Gelada.
All its parks are part of the environmental resources of the Valencian Community, and detailed information can be found at this page.

Another section of the hidden side of Costa Blanca is gastronomy. The main element in its plates is rice, which stands supreme in the famous paella.

Also drinks play an important role in gastronomy. Wines and spirit have Denominations of Origin certifying their top quality.

You don't have to forget sports activities, because Costa Blanca excels in water ports and golf.
There are a lot of nautical clubs and stations together with marine reserves and submarine routes.
Great fun is cable ski and towed raft, which is here performed in Benidorm:

Several golf clubs are at your disposal from Alicante to Jávea.

Thursday, 31 July 2008

Landed in Costa Blanca

Costa Blanca is a long stretch of the spanish coast, extending for over 200 hundred kilometers on the east side of Spain.

Well-know are its sandy golden beaches and crystal blue sea, but this land offers many other kind of entertainment...

First of all it can be considered as a three-faced area. By day you enjoy sunshine, seasides and a holiday atmosphere. Some of its beaches are literally over-crowded by tourists as you can see right here:

This was made in a summer day in 2007 in Benidorm, imagine what if the tourists keep coming up!

By night this area turned on and you cannot walking around without step in a disco or pub. The steady rising tourist stream leaves no room to quiet places in cities like Benidorm, so prepare yourself to live actively by night.
Check the following video on Penelope disco.

There's another side of Costa Blanca which doesn't come immediately on sight. A lot of attractions, sports opportunity, quiet and picturesque landscape wait for you to enjoy them.
For more info stay tuned on this blog.

Wednesday, 30 July 2008

The travel to eurodipity begins

We are glad to invite you to a marvellous travel towards Spain. We will get carried away by this blog and the eurodipity seo contest to visit one of best areas of Europe: Costa Blanca.

Eurodipity seo contest is promoted by a spanish chain of hotels in Costa Blanca called Magic Costa Blanca, in order to launch two new hotels.

Click here to a larger view
Magic Costa Blanca spots its hotels mainly in Benidorm, offering high quality service and interesting prices.

Here's a view of this wonderful land in the next picture:

In the next post we land to Spain directly on the Costa Blanca coast.